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How does a safe and convenient payment solution sound?

Netgíró customers can shop online and leave their wallet at home when hitting the stores. Some wish to pay right away, others want to get a 14 day grace, or pay an invoice in the beginning of a new month – and spreading payments or taking a loan is also an option, whatever suits you.

14 day invoice – without interests

When you use Netgíró as a payment method either at a store or online, you get a 14 day grace without any interests. For payments lower than 3000kr., notice and payment fee is 198 kr., and 195 kr. – 295 kr. for higher purchase amounts.

Better prices for customers using Netgíró monthly invoice.

Netgíró monthly invoice is a payment option, where you gather all your purchases into one invoice. Using Netgíró monthly invoice is both simple and easy, whether you choose to shop often or seldom.
The period is from 26. – 25. each month, and the invoice is to be paid on the 1st of each month. To activate the Netgíró monthly invoice, you simply log into either the app or customer pages (“Mínar síður”) online. There you choose Stillingar (settings), greiðslumöguleikar (payment options) and choose Netgíró Mánuður. After you have done that, all future purchases will be bundled together into one claim. If you use Netgíró monthly you only need to pay 495 kr. monthly fee.
You can split the monthly invoice if you choose to do so, for up to 24 months, based on the total amount.

Simpler instalment payments

We offer a simple and convenient solution if you wish to spread payments for larger purchases for up to 24 months. You use Netgíró as a payment method and spread the payments yourself in the app or customer pages.



You need a bit extra?

You can apply for up to 1.000.000 kr loan at Netgíró. Application process is 100% electronic and if approved, you’ll get the loan processed into your bank account within 24 hours.



Where can I use Netgíró?

You can use Netgíró online and in shops, we have over 2000 retailers listed.

Do you need a loan?

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You want to use payment methods without any cards involved?

Using the Netgíró app you can better grasp your purchases and leave the wallet at home.