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When do I need to pay?

You have 14 days from purchase date to pay. You will receive a claim in your internet bank. You can see an overview of your invoices on the customer pages.

When will I receive the invoice?

The invoice will be in your internet bank shortly after making a purchase.

How long do I have to wait for you to see my payment?

It usually takes only a few minutes. If you pay your invoice after 21:00, we won’t see the payment until the day after.

Can I use Netgíró if I have an unpaid invoice?

You can, as long as you are not in default.

How do the instalment payments work?

Instalment payments is a simple solution that spread their payments for larger purchases for up to 24 months. The minimum amount to spread is 9900kr and the lowest number of instalments is two. More information here .

How can I increase my limit?

You can contact our support team, phone number 4300330 or netgiro@netgiro.is

What costs will I incur if I go into default?

Here you can see all costs associated with collection  Click here.


What are the benefits of offering Netgíró?

By offering Netgíró as a payment method, you can increase the number of customers who choose the cardless way of life. Since Netgíró increases consumer safety and simplifies their purchasing processes, purchases become easier, more regular and responsible than previously known. That will increase sales and interest in your business.

How can my company offer Netgíró?

Contact us or register here on the website. A business manager will then contact you and perhaps go visit you, if needed. Contact us now, using the form below.

Implementation and cost of installing Netgíró in the store or online store?

We at Netgíró work with a team of technical and system administrators who lead all implementation, whether at a physical store or online. Simple installation of Netgíró in store and online store is free of charge for retailers.

How long does it take to connect Netgíró to a store or online store?

A simple installation of Netgíró in a store begins with signing a partnership agreement. After that it takes about 10 minutes, including teaching store employees. Installation in an online store takes up to 48 hours. In order to make implementation quick and easy, Netgíró has entered into an agreement with most service providers in Iceland.

How can I view my account and sales statistics?

Company manager will be given a special admin access to secure Netgíró service sites that are accessible online. There you can view detailed information about sales and invoices.

Which service providers does Netgíró work with?

Advania, SmartMedia, Apon, Hugsmidjan, IO, MyCompany, Webhosting, Dalpay, Karfa.is, Netvistun, Körfukerfi.net, Netheimer, Davíð & Golíat, All eight, Notando, Premis, VK software, Strategy, Rue de Net, Outcome, Hype, Scene, Overcast, Avista, Zolon, Xodus.is, WeDo, Reynd, Wise, DK, Software, MerkurPoint, TM software.

Netgíró loans

What is the maximum loan I can apply for?

The minimum amount you can apply for is 50.000kr and the maximum is 1.000.000kr. The loan limit depends on the applicant’s credit score, so to see for sure, it’s best to log into customer pages and see your limit.

Can I pay up the loan?

Yes, of course. You are free to pay up the loan at any time. No fees are charged for paying a loan up.

What can you use the loan for?

You can use the loan as you wish. It’s common to use Netgíró loan to improvements of homes or cars, for example.

How high is the borrowing fee?

The borrowing fee of Netgíró loan is 3,95%

When do I need to start paying off the loan?

The first due date is the first business day of the following month. After that you pay monthly.

What type of loans do you offer?

We offer non-indexed loans from three months to two years. There is no requirement for a mortgage or guarantor when you apply for Netgíró loan.

How do I pay off the loan?

We send a claim to your internet bank monthly.

How are the loans processed?

The loan is deposited into customer’s bank account specified in the application process.

Can I apply for a loan if I’m on debtor’s default registry?

No, customers on DDR can not apply for a loan.

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