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    Netgíró actually functions like a credit card. You use the app to shop and every transaction is accumulated in one bill for which payment is due at the beginning of next month.

    When it is time to pay at the register you open your Netgíró app, get the bar code onto your screen and the cashier scans it. Simple, secure and convenient.

    You choose Netgíró as your payment method, enter your phone number and confirm the purchase in your Netgíró app. Simple, secure and convenient.

    You pay ISK 495 for each month that you use Netgíró. Should you choose to spread your payments the charge is determined by the amount and the number of payment dates. Check out our price list here and try out our calculator.

    Thousands of retailers offer the Netgíró payment method. You can see each and every one here.

    The monthly bill runs from the 26th to the next month's 25th. The invoice appears in your online bank on the 25th of each month. Monday is the first business day of each month. You can see a detailed overview of your bill when you sign in to Customer pages on our home page.

    It usually takes only a few minutes for us to see that a payment has been made. If you make the payment after 21:00 the bill will not be registered paid until the following day.

    You can always use your limit as long as your account is not seriously in arrears.

    Payment splitting is a simple solution making it possible for Netgíró users to spread the payment of larger purchases for up to 24 months. The lowest amount that qualifies for distribution is ISK 9,900, which can have two payment dates. Further information is available here.

    Should you wish to have a larger limit you can contact our service centre by phone +354 430 0330 or by email netgiro@netgiro.is.

    Here you can see all charges relating to original and additional demands.


    By providing a greater variety of payment methods you enhance your service and open the door to more customers. Netgíró offers a simple and convenient method of splitting payments appreciated by many customers.

    Company representatives, whether of shops or online stores, get in touch with us or register here on the Netgíró home page. In response the Netgíró Business Manager will contact you.

    Netgíró works with a select team of technicians and system analysts who oversee all installation, whether in a shop or an online store. "Trouble" is not to be found in their dictionary.

    From the signing of the contract, simply setting up Netgíró in a shop takes about 10 minutes, which includes instructions to employees. Setting it up in an online store takes up to 48 hours. In order to facilitate installations even further Netgíró has contracted with most service providers to shops and online stores in Iceland.

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    A Company Representative is given special administrative access to the secure service pages of Netgíró, which are online. There one can see detailed information of sales and accounts.


    Netgíró loans can be from ISK 50,000 to ISK 1 million. The individual limit depends on the credit rating of the applicant, so the best thing is to sign in to the application page to see how much you could borrow.

    Yes, you can repay it when you like. There is no fee for full repayment. You simply contact us on netgiro@netgiro.is and we will complete the transaction with you quickly and safely.

    The loan fee for money loans is 3.95%.

    The first due date is the first working day of the next month after the loan was paid out. After that payments are monthly.

    We offer non-inflation-indexed loans from three months to two years. There is no requirement for collateral or co-signers.

    We send a claim to your online bank account each month.

    The money is deposited in the account named in the application procedure.

    No, those who are on such a registry can not get a loan from us.