Christmas bill

    You can put every purchase made with Netgíró in November and December on the Christmas Bill which isn’t due until February 1st.

    We wish you a comfy Christmas and a stress-free New Year.


    You pay as you usually would with Netgiro. Then you click the purchase on the app or consumer pages and change it to Christmas Bill.

    There is no minimum amount but the maximum is 450.000 ISK.

    It is due on February 1st 2024.

    Yes you can split the Christmas Bill if its total is more than 9.900 ISK, but we’ll tell you all about it in January.

    You pay a 4,95% loan fee and a 995 ISK one time Christmas Bill fee.

    – You must to be at least 20 years old
    – You need to meet debt and credit requirements
    – You can’t be in arrears with Netgíró or affiliates

    Safe and convenient