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We want to see your business grow with us. Our solutions serve thousands of companies of all sizes. Simple implementation – simple payment process because you always get paid in full, no matter what type of payment customers choose.

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Our experience shows that spreading the payments has a positive effect on sales.
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Expand your customer base by offering a simple and effective payment to over 60,000 Netgíró’s customers.

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We lead the way with ready-made solutions for POS and e-commerce. Netgíró always guarantees that you get paid in full.

Increased payment options, increased sales!

We pay you monthly, while your customers can distribute payments for up to 24 months on their phone. Simplify purchases for your customers. As you may already know it, customer’s satisfaction increases when there are more payment options like spreading the payments.

Netgíró connects

Netgíró supports many of the major POS and e-commerce solutions.

For more information on how to easily connect your system to Netgíró, visit our technical pages on

Don’t have POS or e-commerce web?

Don’t worry, we have already designed a solution for you. Our Netposi is an online payment solution that can be used anywhere. That way, you can easily receive Netgíró payments and customers can pay for products and services using their Netgíró app or social security number.

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Registering as a partner takes no time. You get access to an ever-expanding group of customers who choose to pay with their phone. Netgíró takes all the risk of any possible defaults and you always get paid in full.