Use of cookies

Netgíró uses cookies to improve our user experience on the website. The policy below explains how we do it and how cookies are used and maintained.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small batch text files that websites send to your computer or smart device when you visit the site or page, to can remember your preferences, ease the analysis and performance of your website, and recommend content that is appropriate for you when you visit the site.
Cookies facilitate the webpage, or other websites, to know which device you use for the next visit. Most cookie do not collect information that identifies you, but instead retrieve general information like how users come to the site and using the site, or general information about the user’s location.

What kind of cookies does Netgíró use?

On the Netgíró website, we use cookies to monitor how the web site is managing, your preferences for services and other settings. Without these cookies, the various services available on this website will not work.
Our cookie can be divided into two categories:
Necessary cookies are essential for the website to work as expected. They allow us to offer services such as site sections, access to personal areas, and payment options. If these cookies are removed, the user will not be able to access these services.
Performance cookies are used to monitor the capacity and performance of the website, and to specifically mark the part of the website that has a user’s visit. They help us to correct errors and more. They do not collect any information that can be identified by the user.

Netgíró’s other cookies

We also use other types of cookies on our website that come from our service providers that fall within the above categories. Cookies from service providers such as Google Analytics allow us to track traffic to our website and help us identify and refine performance.
If you live in a country within the European Union and want to learn more about how advertisers use cookies like these or want a choice not to accept them, go to Your Online Choices.
However, if you are in the United States and want to know more about cookies, visit your Ad Choices.

How can I disable cookies?

You can disable cookies using the browser settings that you are using to view this website. Most browsers provide instructions on how to turn off cookies, and provides detailed information on how to manage cookies in most types of browsers.
Please note that it may affect site performance if cookies are disabled, and even prevent you from visiting certain sections of the site.