Útsölureikningur Netgíró

When using Netgíró to shop in June and July, you can place all purchases on the Útsölureikningur in the app or on customer pages. Final due date of Útsölureikningur is 2nd of September 2019.



Want to pay your bills in September?

Use Netgíró in June and July and place your purchases on the Útsölureikningur, either in the app or on customer pages. You’ll pay the Útsölureikningur in September or split the amount in installments, whatever suits you best.

Questions & answers

How do I use Útsölureikningur Netgíró?

You can pay as usual with Netgíró. You will need to access your account in the app or on your pages at netgiro.is and change to Útsölureikningur (Sale payments).

Is there any minimum amount to change your account to Útsölureikningur?

No, there is no minimum amount.

When do I pay Útsölureikningur?

You pay the Útsölureikningur on 2nd of September, 2019.

Can I split Útsölureikningur to installments?

Yes, you can split your Útsölureikningur to installments if your total amount exceeds 9,900 kr. but we will send you information about it in September.

What is the cost?

You pay a 4.98% borrowing fee.

Who can use Útsölureikningur Netgíró?
  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You must meet credit and debit conditions
  • You must not be in default of Netgíró or affiliated companies